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Colorplan CMYK Colour Values

We are proud to work with GF Smith & Son. Manufacturers of the Colorplan range, which is one of the world’s finest & iconic papers

Colorplan is GF Smith’s flagship paper range, which comes in a massive range of colours and  shades. Colorplan is perfect for business cards and luxury  stationery. 

Please note the CMYK colour values provided below give an impression of the Colorplan colour they are not 100% identical, other factors such as the material type, printing press, lamination will all affect the final printed shade of colour.

Colorplan Adriatic 98,56,13,1
Colorplan Amethyst 83,80,56,44
Colorplan Azure Blue 23,5,1,0
Colorplan Bagdad Brown 53,69,97,49
Colorplan Bitter Chocolate 70,66,92,61
Colorplan Bright Red 0,98,87,0
Colorplan Bright White 0,0,4,0
Colorplan Candy Pink 0,19,8,0
Colorplan China White 0,3,13,0
Colorplan Citrine 0,21,96,0
Colorplan Claret 47,92,83,52
Colorplan Cobalt 93,69,51,31
Colorplan Cool Blue 16,6,4,0
Colorplan Cool Grey 4,2,3,0
Colorplan Dark Grey 62,45,63,21
Colorplan Ebony 75,76,78,67
Colorplan Emerald 97,20,71,7
Colorplan Factory Yellow 3,3,97,0
Colorplan Forest 96,45,100,43
Colorplan Fuschia Pink 8,86,5,0
Colorplan Harvest 24,29,69,2
Colorplan Ice White 0,1,2,0
Colorplan Imperial Blue 88,71,63,50
Colorplan Lavender 21,25,0,0
Colorplan Lockwood Green 100,26,94,15
Colorplan Mandarin 0,71,92,0
Colorplan Mid Green 69,35,82,18
Colorplan Mist 5,7,13,0
Colorplan Natural 0,0,3,0
Colorplan New Blue 58,23,14,0
Colorplan Nubuck Brown 34,46,68,12
Colorplan Pale Grey 3,4,7,0
Colorplan Park Green 32,0,32,0
Colorplan Pistachio 12,0,26,0
Colorplan Powder Green 10,0,12,0
Colorplan Pristine White 0,0,1,0
Colorplan Purple 76,93,0,0
Colorplan Racing Green 86,54,80,49
Colorplan Real Grey 23,15,21,0
Colorplan Royal Blue 94,91,1,0
Colorplan Sapphire 100,88,2,0
Colorplan Scarlet 24,100,93,17
Colorplan Smoke Grey 46,38,37,5
Colorplan Sorbet Yellow 5,0,50,0
Colorplan Stone 6,16,29,0
Colorplan Tabriz Blue 98,37,0,0
Colorplan Turquoise 80,0,29
Colorplan Vellum White 0,2,4,0
Colorplan Vermilion 9,99,84,2
Colorplan White Frost 3,0,1,0

GF Smith Colorplan Business Cards

Colorplan Papers & Colorplan Business Cards

Colorplan provides a comprehensive range: With eight standard weights including 350gsm, 540gsm and  700gsm card, 50 colours, shades  and 25 textures.. Colorplan is a FSC-certified card / paper range that is second to none. This needs a lot of room and this is why a special colorplan warehouse was built – just to house the colorplan collection. All substances and colours are kept in the colorplan warehouse in plain stock and textured stocks ready for customer demand. 

GF Smith Colorplan Business Cards

We Print Luxury Colorplan Business Cards – Order Your Business Cards Today

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet but we can proudly say that we consider customer satisfaction a priority and take every order as if it was our own. We are artisan printers and will lovingly craft your business cards from the best materials to deliver a superb luxury printed business card for you.

Order your Super Luxury Business Cards today! This is the number to call  0161 726 5136. You can also drop us a email via this Contact Form.

Colorplan Business Cards

Business Cards

choose from over 50 colours and shades

Colorplan Business Cards

Business Cards

textured business cards, choose a different pattern each side.

Colorplan Business Cards

Business Cards

2 layer business cards, choose a different colour each side.

Colorplan Business Cards

Business Cards

3 layer business cards, choose a different colour for top, middle and bottom!

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