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The Art of Colour: Blue

Colour and business card printing

At Super Luxury Business Cards, we love to experiment with colour and print, we encourage our clients to do so as well. The latest printing techniques allow you considerable freedom. You can choose any colour, design, and any texture you want! Many of our customers have hesitated to experiment with colour in the past. They fear that coloured cards won’t look professional and will convey the wrong message to prospective customers. That’s not always the case. In fact, colour can be used to convey the right message to the customer.

How to Leverage Colour For Your Luxury Business Cards

People have always used colours to convey different messages. For example, black represents sophistication, luxury and high class. It immediately portrays a sense of restraint and professionalism. That’s one of the reasons why our black business cards are very popular. You can use colour to represent your brand and the type of business you own. While the customer might not consciously perceive it, they can immediately sense the vibe of your business when you present them your coloured card business card.

The Colour Blue – WHAT IT MEANS:

Like black, blue is a very popular colour amongst our business card customers and with good reason. It’s very versatile. Different shades of blue can convey diverse messages and suit different businesses. For example, if you own a business that sells children’s clothing, you can use a Azure Blue colorplan business card. That would immediately send the right message towards your prospective clients and associates.

In general, blue is considered to be a colour of responsibility, loyalty, and trust. As a business owner or a professional, you want to display all of these characteristics. You want your customers to believe that you’re responsible, loyal, and trustworthy. It’s a colour that brings peace and tranquillity to mind and is associated with the sea and the sky.

Blue is also a colour of sophistication and elegance. All shades of it are very pretty and immediately catch a person’s eye. You can’t go wrong if you use this colour in your coloured business card.

How Can Super Luxury Business Cards Help?

If you don’t know which colour you should use on your business card, all you need to do is call us. Our experienced designers can help you. They will understand your company and brand message before recommending a colour and design to you. They will also recommend different materials, textures and print finishes such as Spot UV Gloss or Foiled to enhance the colour of your business cards.

Order your Super Luxury Business Cards today! This is the number to call  0843 289 0136. You can also drop us a email via this Contact Form.

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