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How Rich is Your Black

Colour and business card printing

One might think that black is a very simple colour to play around with and that you don’t need to worry about how it appears in print. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be more further from the truth.

In fact, black is actually a very sensitive colour. True rich black is stunning and deep. It invokes mystery, elegance, and class. However, not all blacks are rich blacks. Many have a greyish undertone when they’re printed. That just ruins the effect of the colour, making the resultant print look dull and drab. Graphic designers often struggle with this. The black you see on the screen doesn’t always match the one you see in print. When you are designing something for print media, this difference can affect the quality of the resultant image.

Rich Black vs. Plain Black (100K Only)

At Super Luxury Business Cards, we use plain black (100K) to print type. These rarely take up much space on the surface of the cards. It doesn’t matter if the black isn’t rich and intense because you won’t notice the difference. The letters will still stand out and look vivid. There would be no visible grey cast.

However, when a solid or large area is required in black, we choose a darker, most intense black (C50 M50 Y20 K100). After all, we don’t want a dull looking colour on our cards. We want the blacks to be vivid and eye-catching. That would make any lettering and design on it stand out. We carefully pick the right colour in the software and make sure the printed cards have the right amount of colour saturation.

Why Black?

Black is a very popular colour. It’s formal, elegant, and sophisticated. You can hand a rich black business card to a business associate or a customer without hesitation. You know it would look impressive. Black also has a way of making designs and finishes stand out. For example, if we apply a Spot UV treatment on the business card, the design would just pop on a matt black surface. Such an affect appeals to a variety of tastes and design preferences.

Embossed, debossed, and foil printed business cards also look great if they have a rich black surface. Gold or silver metal foils look stunning on a rich black surface. Such business cards will definitely leave an impression on your customers and business associates.

How Can Super Luxury Business Cards Help?

If you don’t know which colour you should use on your business card, all you need to do is call us. Our experienced designers can help you. They will understand your company and brand message before recommending a colour and design to you. They will also recommend different materials, textures and print finishes such as Spot UV Gloss or Foiled to enhance the colour of your business cards.

Order your Super Luxury Business Cards today! This is the number to call  0843 289 0136. You can also drop us a email via this Contact Form.

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